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Erika Wallgren - Personal and Professional Coaching

Let's Talk

Welcome to ERIKA WALLGREN - Personal and Professional Coaching.  I'm Erika, an expert in helping you grow through any of life's challenges.

If you are searching for motivation, guidance or empowerment, you're in the right place.  Personal life coaching/ professional  coaching/ transitional coaching /career coaching- whatever you call it - enables you to take responsibility for your thoughts and behaviors and helps with prioritizing, making decisions and holds you accountable to achieving your goals.  


How Can Coaching Help You?

Working together, we will make your goals a reality.  We will strategize a plan, identify obstacles and put that plan in to action.  I'm here to make sure you do the work.  People come to me when they're feeing stuck, when they know they need a change but can't figure out where or what they want to do or when a transition is being forced upon them. Clients come to me when they need motivation, when they want to develop a new plan and enhance their mindset.


I specialize in:


Transitional Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Resume Writing and Editing

Interview Preparation

Technical Interviews


My Services

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